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The cheapest 1 year multiple entry Vietnam visa for US citizens from August 2016

From August 2016, there is only 1 visa type available for United States citizens who is wishing to travel Vietnam for tourist or business purposes.

According to the bilateral diplomatic note No. 173/NG-LS, in order to further develop the bilateral relationship between the two countries on the basis of mutual understanding and benefit, in order to enhance the relations in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology, and to encourage travels of citizens of both countries, all the request for tourist visa for US citizens will be automatically change to 1 year multiple entries visa.

From now on, 30 August 2016, Vietnam tourist visa for all United States citizens to Vietnam will be automatically and mandatory converted into 1 year tourist multiple entry visa with maximum 90 days staying allowed of each visit. As a result, there is no cheap visa stamping fee (25 USD for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entry) available anymore but only high stamping 135 USD will be charged. 

Moreover, all the US passport holders will have to do visa run (or in-country visa extension) each 90 days if you plan to stay Vietnam long term. It is not a problem for frequent travelers, but definitely an issue for those who want to stay longer than 3 months. So what is the option for the United Sates travelers who wish to stay more than 3 months without leaving the country? In this case, they are suggested to apply for business visa before their departure. Vietnam business visa for United States citizens has 1 year validity as same as tourist visa but the difference is that the travelers don’t have to do visa run every 3 months.  

Please note that, all the United States citizens are required to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy or visa on arrival before travelling to Vietnam. For 1 year Vietnam visa on arrival they will need an approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department beforehand. We now provide the cheapest 1 year Vietnam visa approval letter which is equivalent to 3.75 USD per month (or 45 USD processing fee in total) at The visa approval letter will be ready within 2 working days maximum or in several hours in emergency cases.

If you have any further queries, comments or feedback, please kindly send an email to or call us by +84-912-685-141. We are happy to assist you at our best.

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